Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Crowns?

Having teeth that are cracked or missing, especially right in the front part of your mouth, can make you feel self-conscious about talking or smiling. Dental crowns help restore your smile, so you can feel more comfortable around others and gain confidence. These caps or coverings go over cracked or decayed teeth or replace missing teeth when combined with implants, but are they the best option for you? Find out if you’re a good candidate for dental crowns or if you should look into other options that Dr. Eric Burton in Columbia, MO offers.

Tooth Decay
Dental crowns can go over teeth that have decay after you get a filling. However, there are limits on just how much decay you can have and still get a crown. If you have severe decay that affects most of your tooth, our dentist might recommend extraction instead of having a crown put on. If you need to have a tooth extracted for severe decay, you might be able to have it replaced with a dental implant topped with a dental crown.

Cracked Teeth
If you have a tooth that’s cracked or chipped, having a dental crown put on can help protect it from additional damage or infection. Crowns can also improve the appearance of these teeth for a healthier smile. Keep in mind that dental crowns are one option for chipped or cracked teeth. Other options include bonding and veneers, which also restore teeth to their normal appearance. Dr. Eric Burton will discuss all of your treatment options and help you determine which one would work best for your tooth.

Tooth Discoloration
If you have severe tooth discoloration or stains, dental crowns can cover the affected teeth and make them look whiter. This solution for discoloration is more suitable if you have just one or two teeth that are stained rather than several teeth. Crowns are also a good option if you have a discolored tooth that cannot be improved with teeth whitening, such as a tooth with a grayish color.

Missing Teeth
If you have a missing tooth, a dental crown placed on top of a dental implant helps restore function and improve your appearance. In order to have this done, you’ll need to have healthy gums and enough bone to support the implant. The crown that goes on the implant is made to resemble your natural tooth in color, shape and size, which helps make your smile look healthier.

Root Canal
If you need a root canal for dental problems, Dr. Eric Burton will discuss having a dental crown placed on the affected tooth afterward to protect it. When you have a root canal, you have a risk of getting an infection if bacteria gets inside your tooth. Covering your tooth with a dental crown helps reduce this risk and keeps your tooth safe from damage.

If you think you might need dental crowns, please contact Accent Dental Center On Forum to schedule an appointment. Our dentist, Dr. Eric Burton, will let you know if you are a good candidate for dental crowns. Dr. Burton offers quality dental services, including dental crowns, for patients in and around the Columbia area.